Med Tourist Center is about Optimum Health, Optimum Results™

Med Tourist Center, Inc. (MTC) is located in the hospital Mecca, Houston, Texas.  At Med Tourist Center, our goal is to assist your medical travel to reach your Optimum Health and yield Optimum Results.  We specialize in Medical Tourism to Greater China. Why Greater China and not any other countries? We know the integrative success of western and eastern medical procedures and believe in harnessing the power of both practices for extraordinary results for our clients.

Med Tourist Center & founder, Grace Chen has architected a comprehensive medical service logistics by leveraging Chinese evidence based alternative medicine, talented resources, combined with western trained practice and well-equipped medical facilities both in Taiwan and Greater China as the unique offerings.  Miss Chen's personal mission of saving lives and reducing cost enables her to concurrently lead with patient centered approach to the fulfillment of medical procedure and medical travel.  The integrated strategic partnership with leading hospital(s) both in Taiwan and China enables Med Tourist Center to fulfill end-to-end Medical Tourism offerings.

About Med Tourist Center

Medical Tourism encompasses much more than mere travel abroad. It's about the marriage of quality medical procedure and realistic affordability without boundaries (geographic or otherwise).  Professional medical affiliations and collaborations among world renowned hospital institutions including MD Anderson, Johns Hopkins, The Mayo Medical Center, Tulane University, Vancouver General Hospital, Tokyo Woman's Medical University, Oyamada Memorial SPA Hospital and many more national and international medical authorities have flattened the world of medical procedure services. Technology and information readiness, coupled with mature global travel services have provided a systematic delivery network for the medical traveler to manage their treatment with ease by allowing affordable and convenient access to international, world-class medical hospital and expertise.  Facilitating the core business discipline of the patient's overall medical travel and their well being is the key to succeeding in this industry.

Unique Partnerships

    • The Division of United Healthcare, UMR is the largest third party administrator of health benefits. Jointly we offer the flexibility and attentiveness of administrator with national(United Health Option) and global reach (China, Taiwan, Korea, Israel) to self-funded organizations. We make healthcare work through innovative management care, efficient claim processing, best network access and major cost savings and discounts.

• Meritain Health, the largest independent services provider for self-funded health plans, jointly we offer cost controlled health plan, built-in employees wellness programs and provideaffordable and sustainable health benefit programs with oversea quality networks as the best option for employees.  

    • The unique combined offerings position self-fund organizations with plan autonomy, zero employee out-of-pocket expenses, major savings to employerspayout and easy accessibility to the best medical services.

The mission of Med Tourist Center is to perfect the patient's medical travel experience by clearly understanding, safeguarding, and addressing their immediate medical needs and all that encompasses their total and complete recovery. The Med Tourist Center's Logistical Automation Application integrates with real-time ancillary services to fulfill personalized care for the client patient every step of the way. You can count on "Med Tourist Center" for answers, information and support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We'll help you locate and work with the right physician and medical staff to make sure you get the right care at the right time at the right price.

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